here is what is new with me, and my website:

10.4.05: Thanks to everyone who came to the show! It was a blast.
There are some new illustrations on their respective page.
I am now keeping an online journal of drawings. Have a look see!
More new comics and other stuff is on the way.

9.20.05: SPX is only days away, and it looks like I'm finally ready to go.
There are a couple little updates here and there, in comics and illustrations.
Please look for updates to my new strip, Babyfat both here and in the Daily Orange.

8.23.05: Lots of things are happening for this year's Small Press Expo in September!
First and foremost, True Porn 2, with a story by Robin Enrico and I will be released.
MK Reed's reprinting of Catfight will have a pin-up by me, which is now also on the illustrations page.
Also, a fun compilation by Isaac Cates will have something from me too. Here is a little sneak peak-- do you dare?
A preview for an anthology of "memoirs" from the life of Matt Hawkins will have a comic from me, about a panic attack at an elementary school ice cream party.
And finally, I will be debuting a new book about the story of buying my first pack of cigarettes while underage. Also, I'll have some tee shirts and tote bags for sale featuring Skull Kitty.
It should be a great show, so be sure to stop by!
There are also a couple little updates to the site, see if you can spot them!

7.26.05 : There are some new drawings in the "doodles" section, some promising enough to be made into tee shirts soon.

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